Independent. Holistic. ACCESSIBLE.

About US


We are an INDEPENDENT support solution for retiring athletes. Our mission is to serve and support the interests of athletes as they retire and raise awareness about the challenges of athletic retirement. We support athletes before, during and after their transition to life after sport.

ATHLETES SOUL was founded and is run by former athletes who are investing their time and energy to give back to the athletes’ community to provide a professional and dedicated organization to athletic retirement.

We support a multidimensional and holistic approach, exploring all aspects of WELLNESS: psychological, intellectual, occupational, financial, social, spiritual and environmental. These areas complement one another to achieve a successful transition and personal and professional fulfillment.

We recognize that the process of change for an athlete is generally long and challenging. When your whole life has been focused on one thing, it takes time, patience and curiosity to explore and build a new life and identity that will be as satisfying as the previous one. Taking a holistic and dynamic approach to this process of change and growth is not only exciting and rewarding, it has lasting effects on each individual’s life.

Our professional life coaches are also former athletes who offer confidential and independent expertise to guide athletes during their transition. ATHLETES SOUL also provide an extensive informative library of content about the transition.

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