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Our outboarding program is geared towards UNIVERSITIES, SPORTING FEDERATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS and SPONSORS with the goal to prepare college athletes and end-of-career athletes for their transition from sports.

Like our one-on-one and group transition programs, the outboarding program follows a specific and flexible approach built around our 5 holistic modules. The program is divided into two parts:

  1. Seminar(s) delivered by one of our professional coaches or by a former athlete expert in the topic covered

  2. Webinar(s) to provide more in-deep information for those athletes who want to further their knowledge

Topics include:

How to Build a Deceleration Plan / Personal Finances / Identifying Your Transferrable Skills / How to Build Your Professional Network Before Leaving Your Sport / How to Create Your Own Support System Ahead of Your Retirement / The Athletic Transition Process and What to Expect / etc.

We can provide a full package covering all areas of wellness (5 seminars followed by 5 webinars) or a partial custom package (1 to 5 seminars with or without webinars).

For more information about our outboarding program, please contact us.