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Click on the image to learn more. Each space includes curated resources - articles, videos, books, podcasts, programs, etc - some specifically for retiring athletes.


Transition Space

The transition process & programs managed by sporting institutions, books and testimonies from former athletes and links to various private programs and services for retired and/or retiring athletes.

Health Space

How to build your physical deceleration plan, how to exercise for health and fun, nutrition fundamentals and how to adjust your food intake after you retire, sleep and daily routine and how to maintain healthy habits.

Head Space

Transitioning from your athlete identity, personality profile, mental health, mindfulness techniques and tools to support long-term mental health and hotline numbers to emergency assistance.

Career/FINANCIAL Space

Transferable skills, athletes career and education programs, how to build a resume and elevator pitch, former athletes networking groups, links to online job fairs and companies providing career services to former athletes.