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  • One-on-one coaching program:

This is our main transition program which follows a holistic and sport-specific approach. After an initial evaluation of your specific situation, you will be paired with a coach who will support and guide you through the 6-month program.

Program includes: 12 virtual coaching sessions of 45-50 minutes and assignments in between sessions with your coach. Applications are open throughout the year.

Our program is divided into 2 parts:

1. Addressing physiological needs:

•Session 1: Introduction, Description & Objectives

•Session 2: Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise and Sleep

•Session 3: Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition and Healthy Habits

•Session 4: Healthy Lifestyle: Social and Emotional Well-Being

•Session 5: Recognition of Career Achievements

•Session 6: Midway Program Review

2. Developing self-actualization needs:

•Session 7: Personality, Core Values, Identity Exploration

•Session 8: Life Purpose & Addressing Limiting Beliefs

•Session 9: Life Mission Statement & Rebranding

•Session 10: Professional Direction & Objectives

•Session 11: Implementation Plan of Professional Objectives

•Session 12: Program Recap & Conclusion

  • Group coaching program:

The group coaching program covers the same curriculum as the one-on-one coaching program through 12 group coaching sessions of 45-50 minutes (1 every week for 12 weeks) during a 3-month period. Min. 4 and max. 8 athletes per program with one coach. The group coaching program starts once the one-on-one coaching program is at capacity.

  • A la carte coaching:

We offer individual coaching sessions for those athletes who have already completed the one-on-one or group coaching program to assist with specific areas of need.


  • One-on-one transition coaching program (6 months): $5,000 / athlete

  • Group transition coaching program (3 months): $2,000/athlete

  • A La Carte coaching: Pack of 5 sessions - $1,600, Pack of 10 sessions - $3,000

We offer NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID for this program. Financial aid is provided by ATHLETES SOUL and may cover up to 90% of the one-on-one coaching program. It is available by application only. Please enquire about financial aid when applying for our program.


The priority of our transition program is to provide one-on-one coaching to recently retired athletes. We take applications for this program throughout the year until we have reached our capacity. At that point, we offer group coaching (4 to 8 people) following the same curriculum as the one-on-one coaching program. Our A La Carte coaching is available as a continuation of the one-on-one coaching program for those who may need some more time or additional support in specific areas.

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